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Metro Ethernet

Need a fast Internet connection without the high price? Looking for an affordable way to connect multiple offices? We’ve got the answers.

Breakthrough Metro Ethernet and DS3 Internet technology helps your business stay tuned in and connected at a fraction of the traditional T1 cost.  Call one of our professional or request a quote for your location online now!

Metro Ethernet starting @ $299* per month

Access higher Internet speeds (i.e.: 3M, 5M, 10M, 100M) at a reduced cost per Mbps with the exciting technology of Metro Ethernet. The Internet runs over a fiber connection directly to your office, thus allowing for a single connection. Ethernet also has built-in ability to quickly increase bandwidth without additional installation intervals.  Metro Ethernet is the perfect solution for high bandwidth Internet access and/or providing Internet bandwidth for business voice VoIP/Hosted IP Voice requirements.

Private Line DS3 &T3 line service starting @ $1,999* per month

High-speed digital transport for voice, data, and video.  DS3/T3 offers point-to-point high-capicity digital private line transport service used to transfer large amounts of information between locations.  DS3/T3 has the flexibility to meet specific communication needs while econoimcally optimizing the network.