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Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX brings the power of a high end phone systems to business owners without the capital and operational expense of a traditional PBX system.  For many business owners having a hosted PBX solution does make sense.  In other environments business owners have used hybrid approaches to make the best of both worlds using hybrid solutions maintaining their existing phone system for the HQ  and deploying Hosted PBX Clients for their most mobile employees or executives.  The Hosted PBX products and services are very abundant.  Firefly specializes in matching the best solutions based on your needs so that you receive the true benefits that this great technology brings.

At the highest level of quality some of our Hosted PBX partners deploy a private IP Hosted PBX environment that also brings a dedicated circuit to the customer.  The dedicated circuit allows the highest levels of quality and best customer experience.  Having Hosted PBX service is more than just having conventional phone and internet service.  Hosted PBX environments allow the full spectrum of communications to exist.  They allow for Find me “follow me” integration with Outlook and Mobile devices.

Furthermore the feature sets that Hosted PBX’s offer are equivalent to the most advanced phone system available in the market today.  For those customers that are needing to deploy a new call center with Auto Attendant and FULL FEATURED ACD to include SKILL BASED ROUTING!  SO instead of spending 100,000 plus on your next phone system you can instead have your cake and eat it.  Today’s Hosted pbx can bring the 99.999% up times of traditional telephony but now it takes advantage of all the new advents of a mobile and Internet based world.  Having this level of productivity and connectivity can bring true business benefits.

Our partners are among the best in the industry in the Hosted PBX field.

Hosted PBX service can also work with out a dedicated circuit.  All that is needed is just an Internet connection, you can keep your same internet provider.